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Skywalker Kush seeds are extractions from the original Skywalker marijuana strain and is considered as one of the most popular cannabis strain in the contemporary world. It’s important to know that at the point when individuals request a decent yielding OG Kush assortment, they are probably discussing the Skywalker Kush. Here is the review of this wonderful ganja strain. Enjoy browsing our site at Skiywalker Kush Seeds Features:
  • Variety: Indica/Sativa
  • Indoor flowering period: 63 - 77 days
  • Outdoor flowering period: mostly October
  • Height: average
  • Climate: Indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse
  • Harvest time: October
  • Plant’s flavor: fruity
  • Plant’s yield: very high
  • Plant’s sex: feminized
  • Plant’s flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • CBD: unknown
  • THC: high


Many studies carried out on this strain have come up with very interesting findings. Firstly, it was discovered that the strain has high level of THC which makes it a plant that has the capabilities to yield very high in favorable conditions. Growers around the world have testified that the Skywalker Kush seed can create enormous thick blossoms with heaps of sap and an awesome flowering period in 9 weeks. The strain will give you the opportunity to have numerous harvests with high yielding buds every year; it is surely one of the experiences that every ganja grower would love to have.

Skywalker Kush seed is understood to be feminized cannabis strain that can grow well in outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse conditions. Skywalker strain is unique, in the sense that whichever way you chose to grow this plant it can respond great and reward you with bountiful ganja that can exceed your expectations.  Moreover, it may interest you to know that Skywalker Kush strain is considered as a standout amongst the most sought after clones of all times, yet it's presently accessible as a 100% feminized seed so whatever is left of the world can enjoy the same massive yields, awesome flavors & high THC level. If you miss-out on this great cannabis strain, then you probably don’t want to experience growing one of the best OG Kush of the century, because the Skywalker can give you what you’ve probably been longing to experience in a marijuana.

Much has been said about its features and how important it is to every grower, now, it is important to know that the Skywalker Kush seed has a number of medical benefits to humans. Among these are: providing relief for body pain, anxiety, lack of confidence, nausea, and insomnia, among others. Having this plant in your home would not only give satisfy your smoking experience, but can also help you in tackling some health challenges. It is simply one of the marijuana strains in the world that can give you all the experience you would wish to have as a smoker and as a grower. To wrap this review, it may interest you to know that those fortunate Cali stoners made Skywalker Kush a standout amongst the most sought after clones of all times. Check out marijuana seed reviews for more.

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