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THC Auto seeds are all female autoflowering version of our world renowned signature strain THC. Celebrated as the ultimate all-rounder (super high THC, gigantic yields and extreme development) THC has been carefully crossed with our own one of a kind Auto Bomb to create a standout amongst the most capable and high yielding autoflowering strains accessible. Keeping up the most alluring qualities from its mom, THC Auto is a quick completing white strain offering essentially greater yields than opponent autoflowering varieties. Perfect for SOG and SCROG setups, the plant develops between 60 - 120cm, and gets done with blossoming in just 65 days from seed inside. Thanks to its branchy nature and numerous bud locales the plant packs on some genuine size later in blossoming. The nugs get to be distinctly thick and hard what's more, create exceptional measures of pitch. Growers can yield up to 450g/m², making it a feasible alternative for business and household producers. THC Auto is an exemplary really taking shape; a quick completing, super powerful, autoflowering white strain. Find out more of other seeds such as afghani bullrider. THC SEEDS FEATURES:
  • Type : 75% Sаtіvа, 25% Indica
  • Hеіght : Tаll
  • Flоwеrіng tіmе : 9-11 Weeks
  • Awаrdѕ wоn : ’98 and ’99 1ѕt Ovеrаll Hіgh Times Cаnnаbіѕ Cup + mаnу more
  • Yield : 450 g/m2
  • Fеmіnіzеd : Available
  • Autоflоwеrіng : No
  • Grоwth difficulty : Mоdеrаtе
  • THC lеvеl : 15-18%


THC is precisely what the name says, she is a true bomb when it comes to the THC content. This assortment is an extraordinary decision for business cultivators; she remains rather short, requires just 7-9 weeks to grow vast, tasty and powerful buds and conveys significant returns. Regardless of how many time we annoyed Bomb Seeds, they would not uncover the lineage to us. 20-25% THC.

THC is a great variety for commercial growers; the plants remain rather short, require just 7-9 weeks to grow huge, delectable and intense buds and convey significant returns. We were marginally (OK, more than) disillusioned when Bomb Seeds declined to uncover the genealogy to us, regardless of how frequently we pestered them, yet screw it, she is precisely what the name already suggests, she is a true bomb when it comes to the THC content and we respect that they want to keep the genetics a secret. In any case, we are aficionados and consequently needed to make a few inquiries ... and heard this: Purportedly THC Bomb is a crossing of Big Bud and Pure Power Plant and after that back-crossed with Big.

THC shows an outrageous life and branches pleasantly, settling on her a decent decision for a ScrOG setup, however she performs incredible outside also. An indoor harvest can add up to 550-650g/m² and the buds are really a devour for the eye - huge amounts of brilliant orange hairs distend the stone hard buds shrouded in chilly white trichromes. Developed under flawless conditions the THC level is over 20% and can even achieve 25%. The taste is exceptionally skunky, with insights of new earth and a dash of acridity.

THC is a very good choice for nighttime use. The Sativa impacts go ahead very quickly, yet following a couple of minutes have passed, the Indica share grasps a you and won't let you go any longer . The therapeutic impacts are unwinding, torment alleviation and have hostile to tension properties. It likewise works awesome for an enhanced craving. In larger doses she can even be used to get really dozy.  Find out more about nepalese kush.

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