In order to give your cannabis plant the best-growing environment for marijuana, you should consider the benefits of purchasing and using a growing tent. A tent is a self-contained environment that has all the function of a grow box but is much lighter, and is much easier to move. The basis tent is made from fabric with zippers coming in various sizes to suit the strain of cannabis that you wish to grow. Once you have set up your lighting the plants are engulfed in ‘sunshine’ and also once the lights are turned off you have a completely dark environment, so that the plants also have deal ‘resting’ conditions. In terms of size you can buy a tent to suit your strain, so if you are growing a tall strain you would want a high one level space whereas smaller varieties may be grown on shelves so that you have a couple of levels all contained within one tent. Whilst growing marijuana in a tent your plants are kept warm even if your tent is in a cold place such as a basement, but you can also install ventilation to ensure that they do not get too hot if that becomes as issues. Another benefit installing a self-ventilation system is that the tell tale odor of your flourishing crop doesn’t escape and let your neighbors or visitors guess what you are up to!

Although tents can be quite an initial outlay they do tend to pay for themselves as you will be using it for years, but its good to keep this in mind also when buying one, best to get a slightly larger one that you might initially want so that you don’t have to repurchase another if you have future plans of growing on a larger scale.

Types of tent:

The small basic starter tent

These are a small, around 2 foot wide and less than 6 foot high. Having a simple set up that can fit into the corner of a room or a wardrobe, and come with no lights of ventilation, good for growing between one and four plants. Some varieties of the basic tent can be extended by buying another and zipping it on. You can then separately buy an LED light pack, a duct fan with filters, hygro-thermometer etc to suit your budget.

The medium grow tent

These tents are good for between four to six plants depending on the strain and are around four foot wide and about six and a half foot high. Good brands will have window panels and lined with reflective Mylar they make sure that your plants get enough light, whether naturally or by your supplied lighting panels. Make sure that they have sturdy enough frames to support any lights that you wish to buy or you might find it will collapse.

If you can afford it you can buy a medium  sized tent set up with a complete grow pack of LED lights, inline duct fan which has active carbon filter, a fan with speed adjuster, hygro-thermometer, a timer and a clip on fan (which might sound basic but you need to be able to adjust the height of this as the plant grows).

Large grow tent

This kind of tent is around five foot wide and can fit up to 12 plants (strain dependant). It’s real tall so you can have hanging lights over your plants. As they get bigger and better quality you can expect a higher quality zipper (important when you think how often you will be in and out of it all the time), and you might also find excellent extras such as a watertight flooring panel that collected spillages so that you don’t leak out and have difficult clean ups.

How to decide the right size of the tent?

Small tents 2×2 foot – For up to two plants at a time.

Medium tents 4×4 foot – 4 plants or 16 seedlings.

Large tents 5×5 foot plus – 4 plants plus.

September 4, 2017

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