Depression has touched over 300 million souls worldwide and refuses to leave. For the people who think that depression is a myth, should know that about 800,000 people commit suicide due to Depression. It is a real illness which is not a sign of someone’s weakness or flaw. Depression can be stimulated by many factors including life altering events such as trauma, a bad relationship, any stressful situation, loss of a loved one, an early childhood experience or just genetics.

Depression and Marijuana

Depression can co-exist with other serious or chronic medical illness such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and heart disease; sometimes even making the condition worst. A recent study in American Medical Journal states that Scientists are finding more on how the prescribed antidepressants aren’t effective in fighting depression and a chronic disease, raising a very crucial question; Should doctors change the way they treat million of depressed people?

Cannabis for Depression
Cannabis for Depression

Meanwhile, there are researches that state that Cannabis consumption can help beating depression by giving your mind a peaceful time to relax and heal. For this mostly Sativas or Sativa dominant hybrids are used to aid relief to people who are suffering. But again, the need and preference of a strain differs from people to people. We, at DutchSeeds, have meticulously gone through the strains to give out top 10 strains that might help the people going through depression:

  1. Amnesia Haze:
    Known for its versatility and strong effect, Amnezia Haze is quite popular in the Medical Cannabis market. This strain of weed has a very powerful lemony high that makes it easily distinguishable for other strains. It can be used to reduce pain, anxiety and stress.
  2. Pineapple Kush:
    With a pleasant high and citrusy or tangy flavor, Pineapple Kush seeds are considered to be among the strongest strains of the Cannabis market. It can be used in treating stress, PMS, migraine, anxiety, etc. Possessing a high THC level, it induces a high that lifts your mood to the point of giggling.
  3. Northern Light:
    Commonly used for treating Insomnia, indica dominant Northern Light strain can be used to treat depression as well. With its couch-lock effect, this sweet piney strain gives a mellow high that ejects upsetting thoughts putting your mind at ease and relieve from anxiety.
  4. Royal Jack:
    Named after the iconic cannabis activist Jack Herer, Royal Jack is definitely not a spot on his honour. It is an extraordinary sativa dominant hybrid that has a strong and uplifting buzz with a pepper spice taste. It has all the possibilities to make you feel energized when you are feeling low.
  5. Cookies:
    With a THC content that can go as high as 27%, prepare for a dominating high when you consume these Girls Scout Cookies. Due to a very compelling high, this strain takes you on a joy ride of creativity while easing pain and stimulating appetite. You can combine this strain with some fun activity and take your heart and mind to your happy place.
  6. Royal AK:
    With a very uplifting and out of body experience, Royal AK can help you relieve stress and makes you relaxed to a point that you can easily doze off to sleep. A pleasant blend of body stone with mental upliftment is surely not to be missed.
  7. Haze Berry:
    With a pungent aroma and sweet berry taste, Haze Berry, a sativa-dominant hybrid has a very high THC level. It is a treat for people who are looking for a sensory relieve. If you are looking to restore your energy while elevating your mood, then this strain can work wonders. It can also help you in relieving pain caused through anxiety.
  8. Sour Diesel:
    Having gotten its name from its aroma, Sour Diesel has a high THC level due to its Skunk genes. It has a mind stimulating experience on the consumer while providing with an utmost relaxation. It cal surely help you to take off the burden from your mind.
  9. Royal Moby:
    Tagged as the most pure and a potent strain by many consumers, Royal Moby has an anxiety-relieving CBD. These relieving properties stand unmatched when compared to other strains as it provides a hard sativa high recommended for seasonal smokers.
  10. OG Kush:
    OG Kush, a wake up call to your soul! It hits you like an espresso shot, making the high a standout among other strains. It is an Indica dominant hybrid, appropriate happy high with relaxing times. It can help in aiding pain caused through migraines and stress.

November 9, 2017

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