It’s time to dig your own victory and grow your own supplies! People have always believed that growing marijuana is difficult. On the contrary, growing marijuana is very easy if you know what the basics it might need. Not everyone strikes gold in their first attempt, you master gradually with each attempt but following these 7 ‘MUST HAVEs’ for every beginners who wish to grow marijuana at home which will make them a pro in no time.

  1. Quality Seeds:The first step to harvesting the best quality of cannabis is ensuring that you are actually growing quality seeds. The seeds form the heart of the plant and plays the key role in what a plant can be in its mature state.

    Marijuana Healthy Soil
    Marijuana Healthy Soil
  2. Healthy Soil:
    The most common way of getting soil is from the gardening supply stores. Make sure that the soil that you are using is a Bio Grow soil mixed in with Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium i.e., NPK as it is considered the best mix for marijuana plants. This mix will keep your plant well equipped with all the necessary nutrients that enables the plant to reach its best growth. If you are using Feminized auto-flowering seeds, then one should use an 11 litre pot and for Feminized photo-period seeds, one should use a 20 litre pot.
  3. Tent for growing: For a healthy growth of your plant, it is important to have a grow tent that allows your plant to have more hygienic surrounding which can easily be regulated.
  4. Proper Lighting:A plant needs light to grow but we all can agree that growing marijuana outdoor is highly risky and so a proper lighting should be installed in your tent to ensure that the plant gets all the light that it misses out naturally. After attempts, we have below provided the best light for a set of plants.
    • For a huge set of plants growing together (about 10-16 plants) – 600W
    • For a medium set of plants growing together (about 5-10 plants)- 400W
    • For a small set of plants growing together (about 1-5 plants)- 250W
  5. Heater:Not only does a plant rely on light, it also depends upon the temperature or the heat of the surroundings. To enable a plant to have an complete outdoor experience in your tent, install a heater to provide the temperature it needs. No matter what season you are going through, it will ensure that your plant always enjoys summer.
  6. Ventilation System with Temp-meter:All this heat and light will cause the place to get really hot and the temperature will be more than the required temperature. One needs to monitor and let the hot air out of the tent and so a Vent and an Temp-meter comes into scene.
  7. Fan:Circulating fresh air in the tent is what A fan does. Not only that, it helps the vents to work more effectively. Just like us, these plants are living and breathing and so it is important to provide them with necessary clean air.

The world has gone shady and only you, yourself can be trusted with the quality of stuff you buy. Thus, be high on your own supplies! It is not that difficult.

January 22, 2018

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