The cannabis industry is growing in an exponential  rate, every day we see more and more products related directly or indirectly to this industry. We witness a blooming online and off line  activity that is affected by the Huge legalization acts leaps. the cannabis industry is becoming a more prominent, leading economic force in several states and countries and turning to be a major economic growth engine force to some.

in light of all that it is not surprising that we see a increasing number of Marijuana  related ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering). This is another cannabis related subsidiary industry that gains popularity in the past few months and it shows ACTUAL results. Granted, Bitcoin value increase was a major factor for the latest increased interest in other coins cannabis coins included, however, these coins are also affected by the giant progress the marijuana industry experienced in the last couple of years and the also by the very clear future of the industry,

One of these cannabis based coins (ICO) is a good example for the increasing interest and trust people put in the cannabis industry and Cannabis based coin market,Potcoin or potwallet

the following image shows potwallet ICO growth, Since August the the coin almost tripled its Market cap and value. Granted we can see that the Bitcoin effect was and still is dominant however more and more buyers decided to trust this ICO (and other cannabis related ICO’s).

Potwallet is not the only one in the market, you can also find cannabiscoin a bit smaller scaled ICO and a few more in the pre sale phase like cannabium and canasos.

This post is not a recommendation or a suggestion for ICO investors,  I write this just to show you another aspect of this industry and its subsidiaries that you might take interest in. the faith of these coins depends mainly on the cannabis industry future in terms of Legal aspect, innovation abilities and financial capabilities, so far the future looks bright!

December 14, 2017

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