Although a healthy marijuana plant depend on many factors, the most important factor is the lights! When you grow your plant indoor, it becomes crucial for you to provide it with the right amount/temperature of light. But the right kind of light differs according to the growing stage of your plant. The growth cycle can be divided into two stages:

Light Marijuana Indoor
Light Marijuana Indoor
    1. Vegetative Stage: Right from when you plant a seed, the vegetative stage for your plant begins. It is the most tender stage of your plant as it acts as the base for the growth of your plant. A healthy vegetative stage will lead to better stems and buds. The stage can last from 1 week to 40 days, depending upon the strain.
      • Kind of light: During the vegetative stage, the plant needs more of the white light with blue hues.  There are many bulbs available that are the best choice for the home growers  as it offers the perfect output at a very low electricity cost.
      • Amount of light: The vegetative stage requires a regular day light cycle of about 18 hours with a rest of 6 hours. This will surely give you the most impressive results with optimum growth. Some home growers also prefer to provide the light for 24 hours as they consider that it will help the plant to grow quicker. Either of the cycles will work fine. But if you are growing an indica strain, then a 18 hours cycle will work better.
    2. Flowering Stage: Once your plants finish their vegetative stage, the flowering period begins. The flowering period allows that plant to produce buds. One needs to have a good judgement about the plants’ health and size to let them enter the flowering stage. Most strains enter the flowering period after about 40 days.
        • Kind of light: HPS, CMH, COB led light or your prefered commercial LED grow light. almost anything works !  the light should be warmer at its spectrum.
        • Amount of light: After the plant is gone growing it’s height, it needs good amount of darkness with light to grow buds. Thus a 12-12 hour cycle of light and darkness will let the plants start their flowering stage and bloom buds.

      Many growers use Metal Halide lights to provide those blue lights but we will not recommend it. Metal Halide lights are heavy on consumption and can only be used when you have the licence of growing marijuana in place or live in a state where growing marijuana is legal.

Growing marijuana indoor has it’s fair disadvantages just as growing outside does. Indica strains are the best to grow indoors as they are more compact when compared to the Sativas.

February 12, 2018

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