Bogglegum Seeds

Breeder: BOG
Genetics: BOG Bubble x Northern Lights #5
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 48-56 days

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Bogglegum seeds are champion grower indoors or out, the Bogglegum marijuana strain crosses world-famous BOGBubble with Northern Lights #5 to produce heavy-yielding plants that are about as easy to grow as any strain ever. She vegges heartily, making the way for large, dense bud growth. Even inexperienced growers have excellent luck, and loads of fun, watching her grow. You may also find interest with 420 carat strain. BOGGLEGUM SEEDS FEATURES: Strain Name: Bogglegum Genetics: Northern Lights#5 x BOG-Bubble Grade: A+ Medical Type: Indica/Med Looks: Light green, light orange/gold hairs Smell: No odor Taste: Smooth, grape bubblegum Effects: Mellow high, fun but it will put you out. Very Strong. Potency: High (One bong rip is enough) Good Strain For: Sleep, relaxer (ADHD/ADD), depression

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