Eldorado Seeds


Eldorado Seeds is an astounding Sativa strain from the Oaxaca area of Mexico. This particular seed has been selectively backcrossing for no less than twelve decades. Eldorado comes with a crispy and uplifting high that is scarcely found in many other cannabis strains. Its buds are slim and airy, which suggests that yields aren't of specific commercial interest, however on the plus side, the superior quality of Eldorado smoke is the thing for marijuana legends!

Eldorado Seeds

Breeder: Nirvana Seeds
Climate: / Indoors /
Flowering time: 11-13 weeks
THC: 10-15%
Yield: 350-450 g/m2 High
Effесt: A brilliantly uplifting sativa with no tiredness or lethargy.
CBD: Low 0-1%

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