FAR OUT SEEDS can be grown in various growing mediums like soil, coco, and hydro but the grower must have some degree of experience in marijuana cultivation for the potential of this strain to be maximized.

Expect Far Out marijuana plants to flower in 75 days in an indoor growing set-up and by October to November if grown outdoors (Europe). It can grow tall especially in an outdoor setting where it is given ample space and the

Breeder: Mandala Seeds
Genetics: Blueberry x Colombian Sativa
Sativa/Indica: 80% / 20%
Climate: Greenhouse / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 11 weeks 75 dауѕ
Harvest month: October
Yield: 350-400 gr/m2 indoor, 800-1000 gr/m2 outdoor
Height: Mеdіum to Tаll
Effесt: Cerebral high, expansive, functional, inspirational, warm and sociable


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