Breeder: Pisces Genetics
Genetics: Chem 91 Skunk VA x Death Star
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 10 weeks

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POLARIS SEED is an hybrid of a special pheno of Afghan, Northern Lights and LowRyder. Polaris stays short to medium and produces heavy thick dense colas. This plant has exceptional resin production and the buds are dense. Polaris produces a deep, turkish hashish, aroma and a nice indica buzz. This strain is potent indeed. This hybrid marijuana strain is a combination of ruderalis and indica varieties. It is the result of a 3-way cross between Afghan, Northern Lights and Lowryder cannabis strains. Though it is not really an auto-flowering strain, it has nevertheless an early flowering characteristic. It is best grown indoor and can adapt to different growing mediums like hydro aside from the usual soil. Even beginners who have basic knowledge of cannabis cultivation can handle the.... POLARIS SEEDS FEATURES:  Type: Regular Climate: Indoor Flowering: 53 days Yield: Average Height: Medium Indica/Sativa Hybrid Flavour: Hashhish THC Level:18-23% Growing: Easy Flowering Weeks: 7/8  

growing requirements of this F1 hybrid because it is easy to grow and resistant to some pests and other weed parasites.

Flowering time for Polaris can be expected once it reaches 53 days on the average and it will grow dense buds with superb resin production and a nice Turkish hashish aroma especially when the buds are maturing. Yield is average for this weed plant and the grower can expect to harvest around 300 grams/plant in an ideal environment and growing conditions.

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