Breeder: Zen Seeds
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Harvest month: September

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ROYAL DANE SEED is one of the fastest outdoor strains we have ever seen. Normally ready in September but many growers told us that she was finished at the end of August.  The variety is sativa dominated, and can become very tall with many side branches. In short, it is a large plant. The plants are often green until the last stages of flowering, where the purple colors starts to emerge. The strain can also be grown indoors, ideally in a scrog setup. Very mold resistant - a great mostly Indica ROYAL DANE SEEDS FEATURES:  Variety: Indica/sativa Height: Lаrgе Clіmаtе: Indооr/ Outdооr Sеx: Fеmіnіzеd Flоwеrіng tіmе: (56 to 90 days) Hаrvеѕt month: Oсtоbеr Yіеld: Heavy buy gdp seeds

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