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Starbud seeds are a two-time award winning marijuana strain that is known for its sweet favor and aroma, and a heavy hitting effect when smoked. You can buy Starbud Seeds and rainbow kush seeds at Cannabis Owl. Starbud Seeds Variety: Indica Climate: Indoors, Outdoor, Greenhouse Sex: Regular Seeds Flowering time: 60 days Genetics: Harvest month: THC:  14-20% CBD: Yield: High Height: Short            


Starbud by Cannabis Breeder Hortilab is an indica dominant strain that originates the mid-west USA with buds so cold they shimmer like stars in an unmistakable summer night. This strain with obscure hereditary qualities because of abnormal amounts of secrecy of the breeder is two time cup winner: Best Indica at the ICMag 420 Cup in 2009 and 2nd Place Best Indica at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2011. The Starbud can be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions as well as in greenhouse. Best known for its glittery appearance, the strain is completely coated in super shiny amber and golden hued crystal chunky trichomes that seem to glisten in the light. It has a gorgeous smell, a sugary dank aroma of hashy pepper with a sweetness to it as the nugs are broken apart. The flavor is of sugary dank hash with an almost harsh peppery chemical hint that can prove to be too much for some users. Due to the high THC content ranging between 14-20%, the award winning strain is a classical indica. When smoked, Starbud will deliver a hit in the head followed by a mild euphoria and stoney feeling that leaves you unresponsive. Thereafter, a powerful sedative body high that keeps couch-locked and immovable for some hours follow suit. Find out more about purple elephant strain at Cannabis Owl.

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