Skunk #1 Seeds


Skunk 1 seeds are bred mainly for its genes which are used for genetically designing several other weed variants. It is an indica-heavy hybrid weed variant, developed in the labs of Sacred Seed Co. back in the 70’s. It has mind-numbing and pain relieving capabilities. It was designed with genes borrowed from Afghani Indica, Acapulco GoldandColombian Gold. It has a THC and CBD content of 15% – 19 % and 1% respectively.

Breeder: Seedsman
Genetics: Afghani Indica x Acapulco Gold + Colombian Gold
Sativa/Indica: 35% / 65%
Climate: Warm and sunny outdoor / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks/mid-October
Harvest month: late October
THC: 15% - 19%
Yield: 18 oz per sq. Mt./16 oz per plant
Height: Medium
CBD: High 1%

Skunk #1 Seeds for Sale:

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