Tangie Seeds


Tangie Seeds are known for giving rise to a popular cannabis variant that induces intense euphoria and delivers energizing buzz. It is a hybrid that originated from two remarkable lines of weed, viz. California Orange and Skunk No.1 selected phenotype. Tangie is also popular among weed enthusiasts for its clear-headed high and mouthwatering aroma. It has surprisingly moderate levels of THC content (19 – 20 %) and low CBD potency (0.1) that ensures fun times minus

Breeder: DNA Genetics
Genetics: California Orange x Skunk #1 (Selection)
Sativa/Indica: 70% / 30%
Climate: Moderate ambient humidity content with temperature between 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit / Indoors / Outdoors
Flowering time: Late September to early October
Harvest month: late Sep/early October
THC: 19% - 20%
Yield: 14 – 18 Oz per sq. Mt./18 Oz per plant
Height: Short to Tall
CBD: Low

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