Blue Dream Seeds


Blue Dream seeds produced by Humboldt Seed Organization originated in the state of California. It is a hybrid with sativa as the dominant parent along with indica that results in an invigorating, relaxing and calming high when compared to other single seed variants. Ideal for daytime stoners (with CBD 2%), it is popular due to the fruity and luscious flavor that is both enticing and more than pleasing.

Genetics: Indica (20%) Sativa (80%)
Sativa/Indica: 80% / 20%
Climate: Outdoor (Sunny), Indoor (moderated) / Indoors / Outdoor
Flowering time: Late October / 65 days
Harvest month: Mid October
THC: 21% High
Yield: 21 oz per 3 square feet/ 21 oz per plant
Height: Tall
CBD: Low Medium

Blue Dream Seeds for Sale:

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